Mikumi National Park is lying just to the North of the famous Selous Game Reserve. Gazetted in 1964 covering an area of 1070 km2, it was later extended in 1975 to cover the current area of 3,230 km2. The park is the fifth largest National Park in Tanzania, it Shares the name ‘Mikumi’ with the village just beyond its Western border of the Dar es Salaam – Iringa highway, which traverse the park for 50km. The small town in turn takes the name from the palm tree (Borassus spp.) which once grew there in profusion but no stem is visible in the village. The spectacular concentration of variety of animals in Mkata flood plain including four of the big five, elephant, buffalo, Lion and Leopard.
The ever changing skies and light producing glorious sunrise and sunset.Other games including the worlds’ largest Antelope – Eland, Greater Kudu, Sable Antelopes, Defassa waterbuck and African hunting dogs. Mikumi offers an outstanding diversity of bird life. From the striking turkey-sized group hornbill to the tiny sunbirds. Eagles are often seen soaring in the intense blue skies, and the Lilac-breasted rollers add brilliance to their background.Mikumi has a variety of vegetation types ranging from seasonally flooded grassland to woodland and riverine forest. The Afromontane forest found on the summit of Malundwe Mountains is part of forest type that is renowned for its unique flora and fauna