Simba’s guide will quickly turn a normal safari into a life enriching journey, creating a deeper understanding and appreciation for the incredible places and people that you’ll visit. The guides are the link between our clients and the intricacies of the natural world, sharing their knowledge with enthusiasm and humor. Clients are taken on a journey through some of the world’s most beautiful wild places in Tanzania, encountering wildlife spectacles and engaging with age-old authentic cultures while receiving detailed interpretation as offered by our highly trained local guides. Throughout this experience, they are wrapped in the warm and caring hospitality that makes us Simba Guides African Journey.

A guided safari offers our clients constant access to one or more of these exceptional guides who have an intimate knowledge of each park and area you visit. This allows them to be able to expose the relevant highlights, adding continuity and depth to your safari, and effectively tailor-making your experience. It also means that they are able to take clients to stay at less sophisticated rural venues which might not otherwise be suitable for discerning visitors. The presence of our guide adds another level to the hospitality and service that can be offered there and thus ensures that we have the widest reach of options available to us while still maintaining the standards to which we aspire.

Our guides share in a philosophy that ensures they never cease adding to their encyclopedic knowledge and this makes them lifelong scholars in the fields of their expertise. Their infectious enthusiasm, dedication, character, and in-depth knowledge of the country ensure that guests are at the forefront of real, unique and authentic experiences throughout their journey. Being native to Tanzania, our guides are welcomed as friends or family everywhere they go, thus ensuring authentic and life enriching journeys. These often result in guests becoming personal friends of both our guides and the people that they visit.

Safari specialist

Our safari specialists are considered to be amongst the leading authorities on travel to Tanzania, East Africa and Southern Africa countries. They also all live and work in Tanzania, and between them have over 20 years of experience in the local travel industry. Great importance is attached to identifying specific expectations and requirements from the onset as this allows us to provide seamless and memorable safari experiences. Great efforts are made to foster and maintain excellent relationships with all our local suppliers of accommodation and other services so that we can be sure that we have their full support when making arrangements that are out of the ordinary and ensuring all aspects of any given safari are properly tied together. Keeping on the cutting edge of what is new and exciting is a high priority at Simba Guides African Journey and, as a result, you are assured of a safari that makes use of original thought and inspiration to put together the best possible options available.


Tanzania regularly hosts up to 1200 bird species including visiting migratory species, and this is due to its very wide variety of habitats. Of these species, around a hundred are endemic to southern Africa countries, Nineteen are near-endemic to Tanzania (which means that 80 – 90% of their population is only found in Tanzania.

Simba Guides African Journey  employs a number of birding naturalist guides and operates birding itineraries that are designed to focus on the primary areas where good numbers of birds are to be found, but with special emphasis on the endemic species. All of these safaris are individually crafted by our birding specialists and they have an extraordinarily high success rate in terms of positive identifications.

VIP Travel

We are fortunate to have been trusted with the safari arrangements for a number of famous well-known and influential visitors who have uniformly been impressed by the efficiency and discretion with which this has been achieved. Services involved include dealing with arrangements for private charters, or arranging exclusive use of luxurycamps in remote parts of the sites – as well as providing interesting, informative and entertaining guides as required traveling with high profile visitors while they are with us in East African regional

Photography & Film

Our experience and resources enable us to offer complete solutions for film crews wanting to work in Tanzania. We are well placed to assist whether this involves the provision of staff and suitable vehicles to move crews around; the inclusion of all the equipment needed to set up fully serviced film base camps that can operate for months in the most remote areas; the scouting for that ultimate location; or just the facilitation of the necessary permits etc. We have worked with a wide variety of crews from many countries, most of whom have dramatically differing requirements, ranging from a vehicle and guide to accompany small crews of three or four, to large scale logistical operations with specially modified filming trucks.

Our main area of expertise remains the provision of fully serviced and equipped mobile camps which allow production staff to focus entirely on their film work without having to worry about comfort, safety, meals or drinks. We can also help provide, or locate, specialist film making equipment and we always have heavy generic gear available, such as generators to run computers, charge batteries, provide light etc, so that it is not necessary for crews to bring these along with them. In addition, we can arrange for medical back-up on site, including the full time presence of a doctor if required. One of the main roles we play is in dealing with all the administrative and logistical issues which can otherwise be so time consuming when working several hundred kilometers from the nearest main supply base, thus freeing film production staff to concentrate on what they have come here for.

The main season for film making in Tanzania seems generally to be between November and early March when the country is warm and mainly green with limited dust, and comparatively few tourists about. This dovetails very neatly with our core business of running guided safaris which is busiest between June –Septemberand mid-December– late February, so there are rarely any problems over our ability to make the necessary resources available to film crews as needed. Apart from anything else, our staff members remain keen to be involved in what is going on and to learn more about film making skills. As a result, we are always prepared to ‘make a plan’ to ensure that everything works as required – even at short notice, which generally seems to be the case

Cycling & Hiking Activity

More active safaris are becoming increasingly popular as travelers become more health conscious and are attracted to safaris that offer more in the way of exercise. These safaris also offer a unique way of experiencing some of the more spectacular areas in Tanzania with a very light footprint, getting close to the amazing geology, Great  Rift Valley, and wildlife while on a mountain bike or on foot. They are also ideal for the inclusion of other activities such as Mkomazi National Park and Saadani National Park, where close encounters with various types of marine life are also common. Guides used for these safaris are experienced hikers and mountain bikers, and most of them have impressive resumes which include having completed numerous challenging feats which are internationally recognized.

Cultural Activity

The Hadza’s and Datoga homeland lies on the edge of the Serengeti plains, in the shadow of Ngorongoro Crater. It is also close to Olduvai Gorge, one of the most important prehistoric sites in the world, where Homohabilis – one of the earliest members of the genus Homo – was discovered to have lived 1.9 million years ago.

The Hadza have probably lived in the YaedaChini area for millennia. Genetically – like the Bushmen of southern Africa – they are one of the ‘oldest’ lineages of humankind.They speak a click language that is unrelated to any other language on earth.Over the past 50 years, however, the tribe has lost 90% of its land.

Get to know their history, origin and when they arrived here. Mbugwe cultural village tour (2-5hours) you will walk from our office through the Minjingu village to scenic places where a nice view of Lake Myara and rift valley escarpment is astonishing.

Walk through and Mbugwe village/Bantu tribe village nestled between the savannahs and the rift valley floor. Spend your day in this village while experiencing the life of these Bantu people living border to border with two Nilotic tribes (Maasai&Datoga) Walk through the village and meet the people. Learn about their traditional economic activities, local cuisines and local brew produced from honey and various herbs.

Lake Burunge tour (2-5 hours) Spend your morning or evening time watching water birds in Lake Burunge. You will explore the lake with local fishermen to watch birds on your canoe or hire your own local boat and exercise paddling in the lake. An opportunity to fish with local fishermen and share life in the fishing village as after canoeing/fishing/bird watching is guaranteed.

KondoaIrangi -Welcome to the land of ‘Kolo rock paints’ a world class historical heritage site, an ancient rock art are remarkable not just for their quantity and quality, but for their astonishing time span, – million years ago. By your spare time you will stay with us for the very unique cultural tour, where you will experience traditional and customs of the local communities, Kondoa is among the oldest District, its set along the famous Road –Great North Road in Dodoma Region, Capital City of Tanzania.

KONDOA ACIVITIES, Kolo rock paintings and other site of an ancient rock, Kolo village walk around tour ,Kondoa town tour, Cycling tour,Village staying tour, Sandawe semi bushmen visiting tour,Traditional honey harvesting, Visiting medicine woman,Traditional heals tour, Sambwa hill trekking tour

Honeymooners Package

Start your happily ever after off with a magical adventure through Tanzania. Iconic wildlife, epic landscapes, ancient wonders, and a variety of cultures have intrigued adventurers for centuries! From some of the best beach destinations to the world’s greatest wildlife reserves, Africa has a little of something for everyone.

Have a phenomenal game-viewing experience in the pure wilderness of Tanzania one day and then hop on a short flight to the breathtaking Indian Ocean Zanzibar and Pangani the next, where you can recuperate in a sun lounger. The mix of adventure and relaxation that Africa offers cannot be beat.

The hardest decision with a honeymoon to Tanzania is where to go. Some may prefer a rustic, authentic wilderness experience with bucket showers at our seasonal Camps, becoming one with the wild. Others may want to enjoy the luxuries of life with fine dining and out-of-this-world spa treatments. And then there are others who just want an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Tanzania has it all and more.

This vast and beautiful Country is the perfect place for newlyweds looking for the ultimate romantic getaway. You will be swept away by the sheer romance a Tanzania honeymoon has to offer.


Our tailored fly-in safaris afford guests the opportunity to experience much of the best of this magnificent and varied country even when they only have limited time to spend here. The great expanse of Tanzania National Parks and the distances between many of the most iconic destinations mean that travelling overland can take more time than there is available, although the journeys involved are still fascinating for those who are able to make the most of them.  Flying enables guests to see more places in a shorter period of time, and it also gives a very different and special view point. The variations in the vast landscapes are emphasized from the air, and it is a particular privilege to get to see some of the areas you cannot easily reach in a vehicle – as is the case with many of the numerous shipwrecks spread along the Skeleton Coast.

The regular scheduled air transfers that are now available between many of Tanzania premier camps and lodges mean that flying has become an increasingly popular part of many safaris. When taking part in these fly-in safaris, clients are mainly hosted by the resident guides and managers at the individual venues and then transported between the various destinations by light aircraft. However, a fly-in safari can also be accompanied by one of our own naturalist guides who travel in the aircraft with the group and stays with them in the lodges or camps they use, thus ensuring continuity and personal attention at all times.Fly-in fly out safaris are often ideally combined with a private guided overland safari in order to enjoy the best aspects of both, and to be able to make best use of our naturalist guides when they are most valuable.

Simba Guides African Journey offers a single monthly departure combination fly-in and private guided six-fourteen night safari which takes in several of Tanzania highlights in a relatively short period of time. This safari is often used in combination with regional safaris that go on into Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, thus taking in much of the best that East African circuit has to offer.