Simba Guides African Journey is a truly Tanzanian owner-managed Conservation Travel company. We are dedicated to the protection, conservation and sustainability of the areas in which we operate as these are some of the most pristine and delicate wilderness areas on earth. Our superlative team of specialists works to create artfully crafted itineraries and meticulously organized safaris. These are delivered with professionalism and enthusiasm to our international trade partners who are assured of personal attention and full consideration of their every need.

We are committed to providing world-class experiences for sophisticated and discerning travelers, offering an unparalleled level of attention to detail so as to maintain the highest standards when planning and organizing safaris, while still delivering excellent value for money. We attach great importance to identifying guests’ specific interests and expectations, going way beyond the conventional and standardized fare on offer elsewhere. Our aim is to provide safaris that are educational, explorative, fun, insightful, and ultimately life enriching, with benefit not only for our clients but also for the places and people that we visit. Facilitated by an intelligent and highly experienced tribe with great insider knowledge and a little black book of private contacts, we smooth out the creases to remove the complexities of planning a Tanzanian safari, allowing our international trade partners to provide unique, authentic and exceptional experiences.

Our safaris are led by local guides who are certified, trained and have years of experience in the routes and areas we operate. We work directly with the guides, ensuring they’re provided with fair wages, sufficient food and resources, and aptly trained in order to ensure safety and quality of service.

Safari is more than storytelling or pointing animals out to clients. We strive to make sure your adventure is both fun and educational. Yes! We truly love & know the bush, and value the role every animal plays in nature.

The value we add lies in our insider know-how of the places we specialize in, based on our frequent and recent trips there. Our safari consultants listen and hear what is important to you and can make educated suggestions. Our value is in the personal relationships we have with key people in the tourism industry connections that we use on behalf of our travelers to match you up to outstanding guides. Our value is in the special access we can provide to places and people and events that are unavailable to travelers who book online as our clients are identified as traveling under our branded umbrella. And our utmost value is in how we come to the rescue 24hrs, should anything go wrong. In short, we give discerning travelers what they cannot get from the others companies for free.

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