Queen Elizabeth National Park

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About Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park, located in Uganda, is a diverse and scenic wildlife reserve. It boasts the tree-climbing lions of Ishasha, the Kazinga Channel’s boat safaris with hippos and crocodiles, and the Kyambura Gorge’s chimpanzee tracking. The park’s varied landscapes include savannahs, wetlands, and the Rwenzori Mountains. Rich in biodiversity, it houses numerous species of mammals, birds, and primates, making it a popular destination for safari enthusiasts and nature lovers.


  • Game Drive
  • Bird Watching
  • Nature Walks
  • Boat Safaris on Kazinga Channel
  • Chimpanzee Tracking in Kyambura Gorge
  • Tree-Climbing Lions in Ishasha
  • Cultural Encounters
  • Balloon Safaris
  • Cave Exploration
  • Community Tours

Overall, the park’s climate contributes to its diverse ecosystems and is a crucial factor for planning wildlife safaris and other activities.

Climate and Weather

Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda experiences a tropical climate. The dry season, from December to February and June to September, is characterized by cooler temperatures and minimal rainfall, providing optimal conditions for wildlife viewing. The wet season, from March to May and October to November, brings occasional heavy rainfall, transforming the landscapes into lush greenery, though it can make some roads challenging.

Dry Season (December to February, June to September)

  • Cooler temperatures with minimal rainfall.
  • Ideal for wildlife viewing.

Wet Season (March to May, October to November)

  • Occasional heavy rainfall.
  • Lush greenery but challenging road conditions.